Ginette & Eva : 1st bathers of the season.

Water at 25°C, then Ginette et Eva had fun on May 1st and Eva was able to show off her swimming skills. This swim was well deserved after a 10 km forest hike and the visit to Troyes.

Our firsts bathers 2024 (May the 1st)

On May the 2nd they went back to Netherlands to return to classes and work.

Very happy to have welcomed you. Thanks.

La Demeure d’Othe : Your best stop

If you drive from Switzerland (Thun, Basel, Geneva, Zurich) to Paris : La Demeure d’Othe is your best stop.

If you drive from Massif Cental to Netherland : La Demeure d’Othe is your best stop.

An APA or / and a Weizen or / and a Stout (local beer Grand Duc), the swimming pool, its quietness will allow you to prepare the second stage of your trip in the best conditions.

And why not to lengthen your stay on 2 days. You could taste Châblis wine, Champagne, …

Welcome to La Demeure d’Othe

See you soon.

Spring is there

Spring is there and first flowers appears with their colours. 3 photos of the La Demeure d’Othe’s courtyard :

First daffodils and tulips around the independent room
Flowering trees in the courtyard
The forsithia along the house

5 years after

Since we bought La Demeure d’Othe, we arranged several family celebrations, several birthdays, several weekend with friends.

All our guests said us : we want to come back to La Demeure d’Othe. It’s very restful and nice.

Why not you !