Enjoy your holidays ! Fijne vakantiel !

The summer season is starting. And even if the air is not as warm as we would like, the sun, between clouds, is there. Having trimmed lime trees last fall allowed it to heat the roof of the swimming pool and thus have the water at 29°C this afternoon. As for lime trees, they are growing again.

Lime trees are growing up again and allows to heat the water of the swimming pool

Summer is also the season of honeysuckle, geraniums… And our deutzia and mock orange are still in flower.

It is the summer
Our mock orange is still in flower
Géraniums are in flower

And then summer allows the new 2024 exterior features to be highlighted: a massif of sage and lavender, a new terrace facing the forest and fields.

Our new terrace
The point of view from the new terrace
The new a massif of sage and lavender

To take advantage of all these colors and fragrance, don’t forget: La Demeure d’Othe.

Moreover, this morning at breakfast a customer asked me: what is the country of Othe ? It is a region between Sens and Troyes (between the A5 and the N77): very hilly forests, apples, cider, cheese, and close to Chablis and the Cote des Bar (champagne! ).