Your bedrooms

La Demeure d’Othe has 5 bedrooms (4 on the first floor and 1 on the ground floor) :

  • 3 bedrooms for 2 persons (we can add a bed for a third person and or a baby bed)
  • 2 bedrooms for 4 persons

All of them have their own bathroom and toilets.

All of them will offer you quality comfort (all have been renovated) in an atmosphere specific to each with a view of the courtyard and the hazelnut trees or of the garden and the forest. To give you a first idea, look at this plan of the first floor. The Romantique room is located at the ground floor (ideal for persons who don’t like stairs, or for parents with a young baby, …):

First floor plan

For more photos, click on links :

To locate bedrooms on the first floor in the house, click on the map attached.

The king size bed in the Chambre Printanière
The Chambre Romantique located on the ground floor has its own entrance
The Chambre Les Miroirs
The Chambre Le Masque
The Chambre Princesse
The renovated corridor serving the 4 bedrooms on the 1st floor

Whatever the bedroom, you could :

  • have a tea or a coffee
  • find a 220 V socket and USB socket
  • put away some clothes
  • put your book, your smartphone on nightstand
  • turn on, turn off your own light and the bedroom light

To access to the first floor bedrooms, you will use a large stairs for arriving on the first floor landing. You will find a friendliness space to meet other persons or to take a moment before going to your bedroom. You will also have a view on hazels and courtyard